No matter what our weight loss goals may be, sometimes we need just a little more help to reduce our risk of metabolic syndrome. Medically supervised weight loss not only allows for supervision of a diet and exercise plan by a licensed medical practitioner, but also allows the opportunity to take advantage of the latest prescription innovations available that curb hunger and stimulate fat burning.

AppTrim is designed as a prescription Medical food that works to provide your body with the amino acids that stimulate neurotransmitters to assist in your weight loss goals. AppTrim is especially helpful in obese patients who need to immediately control and lower their Body Mass Index or BMI.

AppTrim is effective in stimulating neurotransmitters that control appetite, reduce craving for carbohydrate rich food and also effective in inducing fat burning metabolism, all while suppressing the hormones that tell your body that its hungry.

AppTrim is taken in the morning, afternoon and evening, 30 minutes prior to a meal. It can be taken with water or even caffeinated beverages, but for those of us who need to reduce our caffeine intake in the evening so that we can get a full night of sleep, AppTrim is also available in a caffeine free version called AppTrim-D.

AppTrim provides many benefits to people suffering from obesity and metabolic syndrome such as curbing the appetite and the ability to stimulate fat burning. When used in combination with a physician supervised medical weight loss program, AppTrim may be able to provide benefits that many people would not see otherwise.

If you suffer from metabolic syndrome and are at risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and coronary artery disease, AppTrim may be the product you are looking for and most insurance companies cover this medical food.