The mission of our doctors is to teach kids the fundamentals and the importance or proper nutrition along with fun recreational activities to help get them started on their road to weight loss. Our team of expert Dietician’s , Certified Exercise Trainers and Nutritionists will create a fun and easy way for children to learn about the importance of nutrition, how to prevent disease,and learn proper eating styles.This is all done through educational classes, filed trips and recreational activities, and are supervised by our doctors.

Obesity among our youth is now responsible for many diseases normally associated with adults and aging process. We now offer a program especially designed to meet adolescent weight management needs.

Examples of protocols:

  • Week 1# Portion Control: Children learn how to know when is enough. In this stage we teach your child the importance of learning how much is enough and portion sizes.
  • Week 2# Rainbow Eating:  We teach your children that eating fruits and vegetables can be fun! During this stage we focus on the importance of eating fruits and vegetables.
  • Week 3# Exercise and Physical Activity: Taught at a local Park ( Parents are encouraged to participate in this activity)
  • Week 4# How to read food labels: By taking a field trip to a local grocery store, we explain how to read food labels, how to pick fresh produce and perishables.