Start Losing Weight Today

Our doctors believes that good nutrition, fitness and weight management increases one’s ability to stay healthy and feel youthful. This is the reason that diet and physical exercise are a crucial part of our anti-aging program or wellness program. Beyond the benefits to your physical health, your mental health, appearance and confidence will also receive a boost, which leads to an increased sense of overall well being.

The proven keys to staying healthy are well known: eat and drink sensibly and maintain a regular exercise regimen. However, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often find it’s not that simple. That’s why our team of medical professionals will customize a weight and health program just for you that WILL fit into your personal schedule

Customized Fitness and Exercise Programs

Whether you personalized approach to fitness, our team of Trainers, Bio-Mental and Exercise Physiologists can design a time-efficient exercise program that will meet your personal needs and fit into your daily life. We can show you how to retain your vitality and stamina with exercise and strength programs to counter the changes in body composition commonly observed with age.

Have Your Metabolism Measured

Is your metabolism changing? Now you can find out. This service includes a computerized measurement of your resting metabolic rate and a consultation with our Certified Nutritionist or Exercise Physiologist to discuss your results. An individual plan based on your metabolic profile including calorie guidelines and nutrition recommendations will be provided.

Our doctors use a series of tests to determine your body’s deficiencies and excesses. These comprehensive tests may include a metabolic screening, cholesterol measures, digestive system analysis, nutritional profile, lipid and omega-3 profile and measures of body fat and lean body mass.

What sets our medical weight loss programs apart from the hundreds of other diets publicized today is the on-going support you receive from our doctors and staff. You have individual counseling sessions to help start you on the right track to weight loss, monitor your progress, and adjust your diet and exercise plan to help you continue to achieve the results you want.

You are given recommendations how to shop and eat out,  get proper supplements and learn weight management strategies, making this “diet” more of an lifestyle adjustment that’s designed especially for you to maintain your ideal weight throughout your life.