• Tracey: Lost 48 Lbs


    I am the Office Manager for an Ob/Gyn. I was sick and tired of patients asking me if I was pregnant. I finally decided to see Dr. Caldron because I heard about so many patients seeing and getting great results. He put me on a HCG Diet. Wow, it really made me lose weight quickly.
    I lost 1lb a day for the first 30 days, after that he changed diet and created a customized dietary plan for me personally. I love that he takes his time with you, he is never rushed. I never met a doctor in my life that is so in love with his work. I currently see Dr. Caldron for my weekly lipotropic injections.

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  • Posted by Deborah Kidd-Howell Howell on December 25, 2014, 9:06 pm

    I have had endocrine problems. Did not start menses until induced by Dr. Green latte at age 20. I have a buffaloe hump of fat on my neck…skinny legs but wear size 2 x shirts for my midrif. Wt. 160 at age 10. Have normal thyroid. But Adrenal cortisol Hyperplasia. Went through menopause with no problems but infertile. Estrogen gave me blood clots. Big shoulders and middle fat on my back and I have no breasts. I weigh 188. I do not eat much, eat carbs.

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  • Posted by Kate on July 5, 2016, 10:55 pm

    The best way to lose weight is to accept that calories count. Many people believe that if they eat healthy and exercise, they will lose weight. Unfortunately, eating healthy foods is not enough. Creating a calorie deficit is an essential part of losing weight. http://www.dietmythsandfacts.com

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